GoBig Maldives
The concept of the video is to highlight the unique experience of getting married in the Maldives, with its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. The message of the animation is clear: you can say "I love you" anywhere, but to truly make your special day unforgettable, come to the Maldives to say "I do."
IUCN Maldives - Protected Areas of Maldives
This animation was created to raise awareness about protected areas in the Maldives. The video highlights the importance of these areas for preserving the country's unique and fragile ecosystems, and encourages viewers to take action to protect them. Through engaging visuals and a clear message, the animation serves as a powerful tool to educate the public on the importance of environmental conservation.
Maldives Ports Limited
This animation project was created to promote a community fund by Maldives Ports. The video showcases the eligibility criteria and application process for the fund in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Through engaging visuals and a clear message, the animation serves as an effective tool to encourage participation and promote the fund's benefits.
National Transfer Accounts ( NTA ) for UNDP Maldives
This animation project was created to explain the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) for UNDP. The video aims to simplify and raise awareness about NTA and its significance in measuring intergenerational transfers, economic growth, and social policies.
Desserts By Marina
This animation project was made to promote the mouth-watering flavors offered by a local dessert business's delicious biscuit pudding. The video showcases the unique taste of their biscuits in a fun and engaging way, enticing viewers to try them out.
Vinamilk ADM Gold Milk.
This animation project was created to promote Vinamilk for school breakfast programs. The concept highlights the importance of a nutritious breakfast for children, and how it can lead to a successful day where they can excel in daily tasks.
Green Leaves Cordial Juice
This project is an animation promoting a cordial juice with a variety of flavors. The ad features a 3D model of the product and is accompanied by audio based on an old Maldivian children's song ( Target audience ). The focus is on the different flavors of the juice, highlighting the various tastes that consumers can enjoy. The animation aims to engage viewers with its playful visuals and cheerful audio, conveying the message that the juice is not only tasty but also fun to drink.
This is a short animation created to raise awareness about a copy of a cream cracker product in the market with similar packaging. The concept of the video revolves around the original cream cracker and its significance, which is often dipped in milk tea before consumption. The video features a playful mug character asking about the original cream cracker.
This is a 3D animated TVC created for Kerk special cream cracker, with all 3D models made by me. The ad features a re-created old Maldivian song in its lyrics to promote the product, which is a delicious and crispy snack perfect for any time of day.
This animation highlights the importance of Land Use Plans and how they can help in managing land resources effectively. It explains the benefits of having a comprehensive Land Use Plan and how it can lead to sustainable development and resource conservation. The animation presents the process of creating a Land Use Plan and the key stakeholders involved.
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